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vr interior design

Virtual interiors have become a permanent feature of the market.

Static 3D presentations can be seen at every trade fair. That is why the Vinterior brand has gone a step further, creating fully interactive interiors for its customers. Simple control gives the possibility to move the elements, checking how they act in reality. The ready-made elements can not only change color, move, but also produce sound as a result of interaction. You can also set a sound source, for example background music from home theater.

The interiors of 3D VR can be used both for developer presentations and for presenting individual elements of furnishings and entire collections being a sales support.


Hardware requirements:

  • Intel i5 fifth generation processor or better,
  • 4 GB RAM at the time of starting the application,
  • NVIDIA1050 GTX graphics card or better,
  • Windows 7 or newer.

The presentation can be run on equipment with weaker parameters, but we do not guarantee smooth operation.